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Research at IRSN

The mission of the IRSN in terms of research is not simply the acquisition of new scientific knowledge, but also the development of technical risk management tools and a contribution to the development of the expertise available within the Institute.
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IRSN renews cooperation agreement with ENEA

​Jean-Christophe Niel, Director-General of IRSN, and Federico Testa, President of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), have signed the cooperation agreement on nuclear safety radiation protection between the two organizations for five years.

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End of the European COMET project

​From April 25 to 27, 2017, the COMET (Coordination and Implementation of a pan-Europe Instrument for Radioecology) consortium has held its final meeting in Bruges, Belgium, on the project underway since 2013.

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Second transnational CONCERT call for proposals

​In March 2017, the European CONCERT consortium (European Joint Program for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research) has launched its second call for proposals in the field of radiation protection in Europe.

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Publication of the book "Element of security and non-proliferation"

​IRSN publishes a new book in its Science and Technology Series, entitled "Elements of security and non-proliferation".

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Call for H2020-Euratom projects: IRSN is participating in eight of the projects chosen as beneficiaries

​The European Commission has just published the results of its 2016-2017 H2020 Euratom “Fission and Fusion” call for projects. IRSN is participating in eight of the 25 new European projects selected as beneficiaries, which will be launched during the year.

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SARNET - european network of excellence on core meltdown accidents - phase 2 final report is now online.
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