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Research units

Hydrogeology, Flood and Geotechnical Risk Assessment Section (BEHRIG)

The hydro-geology, flood and geotechnical risk assessment unit (Behrig) is located in Fontenay-aux-Roses, near Paris. The head of the lab is Claire-Marie Duluc; the lab has hosts doctoral students.





Context and research themes


The safety of any nuclear installation (reactor, plant, storage, research installations) requires:

  • knowledge and control of the geotechnical characteristics of the site during its construction,
  • continuing assurance of its integrity in the event of flooding on the site,
  • confidence that the installation has no radiological or chemical impact on the groundwater.


These requirements mean that the risk of flooding must be incorporated in the design calculations for installations, and therefore, in the first instance, the characteristics of the floods liable to occur on the sites where they are located must be evaluated.


Behrig has the following missions:  

  • direct contribution to the evaluations for the INB safety report in the fields of surface hydrology, hydro-geology, and structural geology to support Berssin, external geodynamics and geotechnics,
  • carrying out safety analyses on INB site files on the following topics:
  1. impact of external hazards on the vulnerability of installations (liquefaction of soils, flooding, and severe low-water conditions),
  2. impact on the environment of a malfunction of the facilities (transfer into the water table and analysis of its vulnerability, suitability of monitoring devices, etc.),
  3. understanding of hydrodynamic phenomena and external geodynamics governing the morphological and geological evolution of the sites.


Specialties and researchers


Claire-Marie Duluc, head of section

Morgan Abily, engineer

Cécile Adam, engineer

Lise Bardet, engineer

Rose Ben Simon, engineer

Stéphane Bernard, engineer

Nathalie Bertrand, engineer

Charles Meurville, deputy head of section

Denis Moiriat, research engineer

Tra-Mi Nguyen, engineer

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Hydrogeology, Flood and Geotechnical Risk Assessment Section
BP 17
92262 - Fontenay aux Roses cedex
By phone: +33 (0)1 58 35 79 41


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