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Research units

Biological Dosimetry Laboratory (LDB)

The Biological Dosimetry Laboratory (LDB) is located at Fontenay-aux-Roses, in the Paris region and managed by Céline Baldeyron. In 2008, the laboratory obtained accreditation from COFRAC for its cytogenetic analysis activity.

Biological dosimetry is the assessment of the impairment of an irradiated person based on the radiation-induced variations of certain biological parameters. Biological dosimetry is complementary to clinical symptomatology and physical dosimetry.







Context and research themes


The Biological Dosimetry Laboratory is in the field of main research thematique "Biological doimetry and indicators".



Research axes


  • Set up an operational organization and means enabling assessments to be performed by biological dosimetry in case of a radiological or nuclear accident;
  • Perform biological dosimetry assessments, within the above mentioned organization or as a service, for proven or suspected radiation overdoses in the case of a radiological or nuclear accident, or in the medical sector and professional sector (workers, patients), in agreement with the policy defined by the Institute;
  • Study the operational application of new biological dosimetry methods to reconstitute the dose received by a person exposed to ionizing radiation of any type (external, internal, heterogeneous, localized, past);
  • Participate in the research carried out within the radiology and epidemiology service on biological diagnostic and prognostic indicators making it possible to better estimate radiation induced damage, and to study their operational application.



Specialties and researchers


Céline Baldeyron, head of laboratory

Delphone Dugué, technician

Amélie Fréneau, research engineer

Éric Grégoire, research engineer

Gaëtan Gruel, researcher

Cécile Martin-Bodiot, technician

Sandrine Roch-Lefevre, researcher

Aurélie Vaurijoux, research engineer

Pascale Voisin, technician


Facilities and techniques


  • Conventional and fluorescence microscopes
  • An image analysis system developed by a French company specializing in medical imagery and validated by the LDB with regard to the biological dosimetry part
  • Two flow cytometers, including a cell analyzer-sorter
  • An automatic detection system for chromosomal anomalies
  • A confocal microscope
  • Culture rooms with laminar flow extractors

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Remplissage de tubes avec le mélange fixateur pour fixation des chromosomes.  Crédits : Olivier Seignette/Mikaël Lafontan/IRSN



Céline Baldeyron, head of laboratory



PRP-HOM/SRBE/Biological Dosimetry Laboratory
BP 17
92262 Fontenay aux Roses Cedex


By Phone : +33 (0)1 58 35 72 60


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