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Research Units

Experimental Radiotoxological Laboratory (LRTOX)

The Experimental Radio-toxological Laboratory or LRTOX is located on sites at Pierrelatte and Fontenay aux Roses. It comprises 24 personnel including 7 researchers (physical chemists, biologists and veterinarians), several student doctorands and post-doctorates.






Context and research themes


The mission of LRTOX is to perform all types of experimental studies enabling acquisition of the basic data necessary to assess the levels and consequences of incorporation of radionuclides.

In particular, it coordinates the “health” input to the ENVIRHOM project, the objective of which is to describe the phenomenon of chronic accumulation of nuclides and to determine their effects on organisms.



Research axes

The main skills of the laboratory are:

  • The study of physical chemical characteristics of industrial compounds at workstations,
  • The biokinetic study of radionuclides after incorporation by ingestion, inhalation or injury,
  • Determination of the biological effects resulting from accumulation of incorporated radionuclides,
  • Determination at molecular level of the fixation and retention mechanisms for radionuclides in organisms.



Specialties and researchers


Isabelle Dublineau, head of laboratory

Jean-Marc Bertho, researcher

Cécile Culeux, researcher

Olivia Delissen, technician

Bernadette Dhieux, technician

Céline Dinocourt, researcher

Teni Ebrahimian Chiusa, researcher

Nicole Flores, technician

Stéphane Grison, technician

Yann Gueguen, researcher

Christelle Ibanez, researcher

Audrey Legendre, researcher

Philippe Lestaevel, researcher

Line Manens, technician

Charline Mazzucco, technician

Alexis Naudin, technician

Alexandre Ocadiz, researcher

Fabrice Petitot, researcher

Yohann Phalente, technician

Clémentine Poisson, PhD student

Maâmar Souidi, researcher

Johana Stefani, technician

Fanny Teffaut, research engineer



Facilities and techniques


  • Rodent house in controlled zone
  • Atmospheric sampling apparatus
  • Inhalation enclosures
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Autoradiography systems
  • HPLC, EC, ultracentrifuge
  • Alpha, beta, gamma radio-chemistry

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Chercheur en radiotoxicologie  Crédits : Thomas Gogny/IRSN



Jean-Marc Bertho, head of laboratory (interim)


Experimental Radiotoxological Laboratory
BP 17
92260 Fontenay-aux-Roses


By Phone: +33 (0)1 58 35 83 48


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