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Scientific collaborations

The field of research has a long history of collaboration. The pooling of cultures, techniques, skills and resources has allowed the IRSN to enrich its own scientific approach to risk. Collaboration is a major element of the IRSN's activities since it encourages both effective and inventive research. The resources that are applied and the results that are obtained, discussed and peer-reviewed are a source of dialogue within the scientific community thereby helping develop wider and stronger networks. For researchers at the IRSN, such collaboration is also one of the ways in which they gain recognition within this same scientific community. With the ever increasing complexity and scope of research into nuclear safety and radiation protection, the IRSN is turning more and more towards Europe for the purposes of its collaborations.



In France

The IRSN has developed two methods of cooperation within France depending on the type of partner - sector-based industries or academic and research bodies.

With its industrial partners, research primarily takes the form of multi-party programmes, the aims of which are of high economic and strategic importance for the nuclear industry. With the academic sector, the IRSN has forged several long-term partnerships illustrating the synergies between it and its scientific collaborators.


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In Europe

It is at European – and international – level that the Institute is working to give momentum to its scientific and technical collaborations. The purposes are manifold: upstream, to share the research burden and the use of complex installations, and downstream, to promote the necessary harmonisation of nuclear safety and radiation protection practices. Supporting the development of the European Research Area and directly addressing the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy, the IRSN has been investing since 2004 in networks of excellence, and since 2008 in the emergence of new research platforms.


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For many years the IRSN has been investing in the work carried out by international scientific commissions on radiation protection (Unscear, ICRP etc.). Researchers at the Institute play a highly proactive role in the cooperation projects coordinated by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). Several bipartite relationships have been formed...Read more on the English site.

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