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Theses at IRSN

At IRSN, training through research is viewed as a transfer of knowledge and skills where IRSN does its utmost to ensure that doctoral students produce theses which will give them the best possible start to their future career. It also provides the opportunity to create strong links with university research, and this is a key element in maintaining the quality of the Institute’s research activities. The following pages offer a presentation of past, present, and future theses.

Thesis proposals


Recruitment for PhD proposals at the IRSN laboratories for the 2016 academic year is complete !

See you at the end of the year for the 2017 PhD proposals.


Theses in progress


There are permanently about 90 PhD students in IRSN's laboratories.



Theses vivas

Ahmed Mabrouk will defend his thesis Development of diagnostic aid tools in uncertain settings: application to accident-situation diagnostics on 13th September 2016 in Paris.

Hugues Paradis will defend his thesis Développement de la mesure par spectrométrie gamma en coïncidence on 16th September 2016 in Orsay.

 Last and upcoming theses vivas

Past theses

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In practice

Theses days

Each year, the IRSN organises "Thesis Days", where all doctoral students talk about the state of their research work. The last seminar has taken place in Paris (France) from 31st March to 2nd April 2014.

Who to contact

For questions about theses or post-doctoral research topics for the current year, you should contact the appropriate research laboratory directly.

For any other information, please contact:
Gauzelin Barbier, coordonator of the training-through-research programme


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