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Theses in progress


List of theses currently in progress at the IRSN, listed by research area, start year, or host laboratory. Click the subject label to view a description of the thesis.

Environment          Nuclear safety

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  • Quantification d'incertitude par réduction de modèle de dispersion atmosphérique - Ngoc Bao Tran LE
  • Probabilistic flood hazard assessment: development, application and uncertainties assessment - Amine BEN DAOUED
  • Modelling seismicity along faults in a probabilistic seismic hazard calculation - Thomas CHARTIER
  • Paleoseismic characterization of potentially active faults in the Upper Rhine Graben - Jessica THOMAS
  • Contribution of model cementitious materials to the description of low-pH concrete carbonation: impact on microstructure, gas transfer and deformation - Ekoe KANGNI-FOLI
  • Contribution of epigenetic processes in the sensitivity and heritability of the response of Caenorhabditis elegans to chronic exposure to ionizing radiation - Remi GUEDON
  • Effects of chronic low dose of ionizing radiation on epigenetics and central nervous system development - Sophia MURAT EL HOUDIGUI
  • Modelling the dynamic of Cs availability in the soil-solution-plant continuum : testing available models against contrasted experimental dataset - Alexandre FLOURET












  • Risk of complications associated to external radiotherapy : comparative study of the dose delivered to normal tissues by advanced radiotherapy techniques - Julie COLNOT
  • Lung damage following stereotactic irradiation: preclinical modelization and radiopathological aspects - Annaïg BERTHO
  • Optimisation of imaging methods: Cellular dosimetry of the radioactive tracers used in positron emission tomography (PET) imaging - Manon JACQUEMIN
  • Evaluation, from nanodosimetric simulations, of the chromatin compaction influence on early DNA damage and extension to late effects (functional changes and tell killing) - Nicolas TANG
  • Effect of probiotic treatment (lactobacillus et/ou faecalibacterium prausnitzii) on radiation-induced colonic alterations and visceral hypersensitivity: improvment of the therapeutic efficency of mesenchymal stromal cell - Alexia LAPIÈRE
  • Use of molecular and functional Relative Biological Effectiveness measures to predict riska fter radiotherapy - Application to high doses per fraction and to the high dose rates - Mariam BEN KACEM
  • Study of adaptive response on renal tissue after chronic low doses exposure to uranium: identification of signaling pathways involved after in vivo or in vitro exposure - Alice BONTEMPS










  • Impact evaluation of the management options for plutonium and minor actinides in the nuclear phase out - Léa TILLARD
  • Micromechanical modeling of the ductile damage with a cohesive-volumetric approach: application to the irradiated UO2 - Noé Brice NKOUMBOU KAPTCHOUANG
  • Chemi-thermo-mechanical fracture modeling for concrete: ageing of concrete containment buildings of nuclear power plant - Adrien SOCIE
  • Study of grains ejection out of a pressurized cylinder - Zhenhai ZOU
  • Porosity effects on the heat transfer Inside cable trays - Shi JIANWEI
  • Experimental study on the Capture/Désorption of gaseous iodine (I2, CH3I) on environmental aerosols - Ghogia AMEL
  • Testing and modeling of a cladding tube thermal-mechanical behavior during the boiling crisis phase of a Reactivity Initiated Accident - Thomas JAILIN
  • Evolution of corium configurations in the bottom of the reactor pressure vessel in case of severe accident in a nuclear reactor - Shambhavi NANDAN
  • Modeling and analysis of the coolability of corium interacting with concrete underwater - Alejandro VILLARREAL LARRAURI
  • Dust mobilization by flashing of liquld jet: Application to the problematic of loss of vacuum due to water ingress in the ITER facility - Benjamin BLAISOT
  • Design and qualification of US NDE for detection of concrete swelling pathologies - Florian OUVRIER-BUFFET
  • Microphysical approach of radioactive aerosols scavenging by clouds: the influence of the electric charge of aerosol particles - Alexis DEPEE









Other fields of knowledge

  • A sociological approach of risk governance: a case study of stress tests after the Fukushima accident - Mathias ROGER (2016)
  • Psychosocial analysis of radiation protection: Perspective for IRSN - Manon BRITEL (2016)

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