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Aktis, a quarterly science newsletter

Aktis focuses on IRSN’s latest research news and results, with the aim of making the Institute’s research better-known among the French and global scientific community.


It is a multimedia quarterly that provides concise descriptions of scientific results, with links to scientific publications and web pages.
Its various columns highlight the way in which research interacts with assessment work, as well as its interdisciplinary and collaborative aspects.

Aktis is available by HTML Mail, smartphone email, in PDF and plain text format, and by RSS feed.


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 Aktis n°15

 Fall 2017


  • Modeling tritium transfer in the environment to assess its impact
  • Using MSC to treat the effects of radiotherapy, towards a more effective protocol​
  • ...




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 Aktis n°14

 Summer 2017


  • Improving the understanding of hydriding of cladding to anticipate rupture
  • Quantifying uncertainties for better assessing consequences after a nuclear accident
  • ...




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 Aktis n°13

 January 2017


  • NUCLEA, a thermodynamic database for materials
  • Geochemical investigations downstream from former mines
  • ...



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Aktis n°12

 September 2016


  • EPR, a rapid dosimetry technique in development
  • New protocol for the rapid measurement of alpha and beat emitters
  • ...



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Aktis n°11

 Winter 2016


  • Special edition : Research on nuclear reactor accidents, 5 years after Fukushima




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Aktis n°10

Fall 2015


  • Improving the ability to assess seismic hazard and the effects on installations
  • Evaluation of how much exposure to natural radioactivity comes from food
  • ...


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Themed issue

Archives: scientific and technical reports

Between 2000 and 2008, IRSN published a scientific and technical report presenting scientific results obtained over the previous year or two regarding programs that had reached a milestone or come to an end.


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