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Radiobiology and Radiation Protection Seminars - 2011 Programme

The "Radiobiology and radiation protection seminars" are scientific meetings organized every month by the Radiobiology and Epidemiology Department (SRBE) of the IRSN Radiological Protection and Human Health Division (DRPH).

The goals and philosophy of these seminars are to exchange scientific knowledges in a open and constructive way. They are an information and training gallery for everyone and a privileged place to display PhD student and Post-Doc works.

The meeting are generally in French.



If you wish to participate in SRBE seminars and you are not an IRSN employee, you must enrol a few days in advance by contacting Maâmar Souidi or Fabien Millat (whom contact details are given on the right).


  • Tuesday 29th November: "Chronic ingestion of 90Sr: biokinetics, absorbed doses and effects on the bone, hematopoietic and immune systems"

~ by Nicholas Synhaeve (DRPH/SRBE/LRTOX)


  • Thursday 20th October: "Risque de cataracte radio-induite chez les cardiologues interventionnels : résultats de l'étude O'CLOC"

~ by Sophie Jacob (DRPH/SRBE/LEPID)


  • Thursday 5th June: "Prise en compte des erreurs de mesure dans l’analyse du risque associé à l’exposition aux rayonnements ionisants dans une cohorte professionnelle : application à la cohorte française des mineurs d’uranium"

~ by Rodrigue Setcheou Allodji (DRPH/SRBE/LEPID)


  • Thursday 28th April: "Cellules souches mésenchymateuses et modulation de l’inflammation colo-rectale radio-induite"

~ by Raphaëlle Bessout (DRPH/SRBE/LRTE)


  • Thursday 7th April: "Etat de l’art sur la décorporation des radionucléides"

~ by Eric Ansoborlo (CEA)


  • Thursday 10th March: "Cartographie de l’activité incorporée en cas de contamination complexe"

~ by Jad Farah (DRPH/SDI/LEDI)


  • Wenesday 9th February: "Le tritium"

 ~ by Alain RANNOU (DRPH)


  • Thursday 20th January: "Relations entre l’exposition professionnelle à l’uranium et le risque de mortalité cardiovasculaire"

~ by Jérôme-Philippe Garsi (DRPH/SRBE/LEPID)



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