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Radiobiology and Radiation Protection Seminars - 2018 Program

The "Radiobiology and radiation protection seminars" are scientific meetings organized every month by the Radiobiology and Regenerative Medicine Research Service​ (SERAMED) of the IRSN's Human Health Unit.


The goals and philosophy of these seminars are to exchange scientific knowledges in a open and constructive way. They are an information and training gallery for everyone and a privileged place to display PhD student and Post-Doc works.


The meeting are generally in French.


Even if it not necessary to enrol if you wish to participate in seminars, if you are not an IRSN employee, you must let know a few days in advance that you will come, by contacting Mr Gaëtan Gruel of Mrs Agnès François (whom contact details are given on the right) so they can get you an access authorization.

  • Thursday 18th January 2018 - "Approche intégrée des dommages des rayonnements ionisants chez Caenorhabditis elegans : de l’ADN aux protéines"

Cécile Dubois, PhD student (PSE-ENV/SRTE/LECO)

  • Friday 9th Februaray 2018 at 10:00 am, in Jean Bourgeois room (Building 02) - "Exposome et épigénétique"

Zdenko Herceg, Epigenetics group Supervisor (IARC Lyon)

  • Thursday 15th February 2018 in auditorium (Building 01) - "Radiothérapie externe : influence du fractionnement sur le micro-environnement vasculaire tumoral"

Karen Colmau, radiotherapist (UMR_S 1232,

The Regional Center for Research in Cancerology and Immunology Nantes-Angers)

  • Thursday 12th April 2018 - "Développement d'une méthodologie d'exploration de la variabilité interindividuelle des modulations d'expression génique radio-induites"

Amine Benadjaoud, researcher (PSE-SANTÉ/SERAMED)

  • Thursday 17th May 2018 - "Étude comparative des effets moléculaires et cellulaires induits par des rayonnements X de différentes énergies"

Amélie Fréneau, PhD student (PSE-SANTÉ/SERAMED/LRAcc)

  • Thursday 14th June 2018 - " Utilisation d’une imprimante 3D pour le développement de fantôme d’étalonnage"
Tiffany Beaumont, PhD student (PSE-SANTÉ/SDOS/LEDI)


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