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A Best Poster Award goes to François-Xavier Ouf



François-Xavier Ouf, a research engineer at the Aerosol Physics and Metrology Laboratory (LPMA), received the award for the best poster at the International Aerosol Conference, IAC 2010, in Helsinki (August 29-September 3, 2010).


This poster was chosen, along with nine other presentations on different topics, for the scientific quality of its approach, the innovative nature of the work presented, and clarity of presentation.


The poster, entitled "Influence of sampling method and ageing of fractal aggregates on their morphological parameters", presents the results of work also published in Aerosol Science and technology1.


Le Docteur Hanns-R. Paur remettant le prix à François Xavier OufThe research was conducted at the LPMA in collaboration with CORIA (Interprofessional Research Center for Aerothermochemistry, UMR 6614) and LISA (Inter-university Laboratory for Atmospheric Systems), and focuses on the identification of changes in the morphology of nanoparticle aggregates at the time of sampling, and their development over time.  



Based on the four sampling techniques normally used, this work compares various characteristics of nanoparticles and their aggregates:  fractal components2, diameter of the primary particles3, radius of gyration4 and overlap coefficient5 of carbon nanoparticle aggregates. The conclusions and a specific discussion of the ageing of soot samples under atmospheric conditions allowed a method for the sampling and storage of soot samples to be approved.

For more information, contact François-Xavier Ouf.

1Reference : Ouf, F. X., Yon, J., Ausset, P., Coppalle, A. and Maillé, M. (2010) “Influence of Sampling and Storage Protocol on Fractal Morphology of Soot Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy”, Aerosol Science and Technology, 44: 11, 1005 — 1017
2The fractal characteristics are the fractal prefactor and the fractal dimension.
3The diameter of the primary particles is the diameter of the elementary monomers that make up the soot aggregates.
4The radius of gyration is the radius of a sphere of the same mass and same moment of inertia as the aggregate concerned, i.e. the quadratic mean of the distance between the primary particles and the center of mass of the aggregate.
5Brasil et al. (1999) defines the overlap coefficient of two contiguous primary particles using the distance between the centers of mass of the two particles and the mean diameter of the particles.