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Science News – 1st Semester 2010




Scientific collaboration 
New framework agreement between IRSN and Université Paris-Sud 11


Early in 2010, IRSN and Université Paris-Sud 11, the second-largest university in France with 2200 research scientists and lecturers, signed a five-year framework agreement for a scientific collaboration. The areas of scientific interest concerned by the agreement are the physics, production, and metrology of aerosols. The Laboratory for the Physics of Gases and Plasmas (LPGP, UMR CNRS-UPS 8578) at Université Paris-Sud 11 will contribute its knowledge and expertise on electrical discharges at atmospheric pressure, and particularly their use for the production and charging of aerosols. 
At IRSN, three laboratories specializing in aerosols in nuclear installations, are working together: the Aerosol Physics and Metrology Laboratory  (LPMA), the Laboratory for the Study and Modeling of Airborne Contamination and Containment (LEMAC) and the Cherbourg-Octeville Radio-ecology Laboratory (LRC). Exploratory research has already begun financed by the Institute, on the development of real-time granulometric measurement methods. IRSN and LPGP have already worked together on two occasions, between 1992 and 2002, on the electrical charging of aerosols by corona discharge.
 IRSN contacts:  
• Francois Gensdarmes (SERAC/LPMA)
• Jeanne Malet (SERAC/LEMAC)
• Denis Maro (SECRE/LRC)
  CNRS Contact: Jean-Pascal Borra (DEA team of the LPGP)


TRASSE National Research Group: Launch of the 2010 call for project proposals


The TRASSE (Transfer of radionuclides to the soil, subsoil, andLes deux plateformes utilisées par le GNR TRASSE : le tunnel de Tournemire et la station de Tchernobyl ecosystems) National Research Group launches the call for project proposals for 2010.
Technical and financial propositions should be sent to Joël Lancelot, Director of the TRASSE National Research Group, no later than Thursday April 8th, 2010 before 6 PM.
Download the TRASSE National Research Group’s 2010 call for project proposals



Renewal of the IRSN Scientific Council


The Order listing the appointments to the new IRSN Scientific Council has just been issued. Seven of the people appointed were already on the previous Council, while five others are members for the first time.
 See who is on the new IRSN Scientific Council