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The RENEB network is operational



Started in January 2012 under the 7th call for projects PC-Fission-2011, the RENEB project (Realizing European Network in Biodosimetry) aimed to create and introduce a European network in biological and physical dosimetry that could be rapidly mobilized for dose evaluations in radiological emergencies. The final meeting for the project took place from 2 to 4 December 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal).


The past four years have witnessed the birth of the RENEB network, which is now operational and brings together 19 European reference laboratories (including LDB and LDRI of IRSN) qualified to be activated in a crisis situation. In parallel, connections to other existing networks (Asia, South America, South Africa) have also been set up during the course of the project. The network is also open to other partner laboratories which would like to join it (after intercomparison, training, etc.).


In order to standardize the practices of the various member laboratories, IRSN has drawn up a quality manual covering the different biological and physical dosimetry techniques that can be used in the event of a major radiological emergency. This manual states the rules for organization and traceability to be observed, and also the standard protocols, so as to standardize the working methods of the various European laboratories that have joined the network.


RENEB must continue its training, especially by regular intercomparisons. The network plans to participate in research requiring the analysis of a large number of samples (molecular epidemiology).


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