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The IRSN is studying the risks related to joint activity with the COSEA project


Towards the end of 2015, the IRSN, the RATP and the SciencesPo Sociology Centre for Organisations (Centre de sociologie des organisations, CSO) launched a joint research project, COSEA (on joint activity and safety in practice), on the risks associated with the presence of several companies with different core businesses on a same worksite (i.e., a joint activity situation) and the establishment of tools to prevent them. They recently held their first Steering Committee and the Institute is continuing its studies and field observations.


The COSEA project is aimed at gaining knowledge about co-activity and the risks associated with it in highly restrictive settings (underground, etc.), as would be the case, for example, in Andra's nuclear waste burial centre project (CIGEO project), the safety of which is being assessed by the IRSN. The COSEA project is expected to enable specific worksite situations and the work of collective labour in this context to be observed as closely as possible, together with the risks that these entail. The IRSN will thus be able to propose points to be discussed on how to prevent risks related to joint activity. After the CIGEO project, these points may also be leveraged for expert assessments of nuclear facility decommissioning worksites or modification worksites at facilities in operation.


For three years, the Institute will monitor the various stages of the worksite for the extension of Line 14 of the Paris metro. Interviews with the players involved in the various stages of the worksite (planning, preparation, implementation, etc.) will be carried out on a voluntary basis. In parallel, the course of some operations or meetings will also be observed.