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A former doctoral student of the IRSN has received the Lawrent Exmelin Award


Sarah Baghdadi, who up until 2015 worked on her thesis in the IRSN Radiochemistry Laboratory (LRC), received the Lawrent Exmelin Award at the last PROCORAD annual meeting (Promotion of quality control for medical biology analyses in radiotoxicology), which was held from the 15th to 17th of June 2016, in Dijon (France).


The award recognises her thesis work, which consisted in developing a rapid detection and analysis method in urine for actinides that may be released during a nuclear accident (U, Pu, Am, Th, etc.), to quickly identify people who may be contaminated. Her method combines a column based on calixarene derivatives (impregnated hydroxamic calix [6]arene) and an ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry).


The Exmelin Award, amounting to 3,000 euros, is awarded annually by the PROCORAD Association to a scientist who has made a significant and personal contribution in the field of radionuclide trace analysis. This includes the development of analytical protocols, the development of new processes (separation methods, radiation metrology, etc.), the validation of analytical methods and the interpretation of the results (internal dosimetry).


The PROCORAD Association (Association for the Promotion of Quality Controls in Radiotoxicological Bioassays) is an association based on the law enacted in 1901 (Association Loi 1901) that organises interlaboratory comparisons in the field of radiotoxicology, to control the quality of medical test results and to promote good laboratory practices.



Photo: Sarah Baghdadi © IRSN