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Best Poster Award for former LDRI PhD candidate


Sylvain Meylan, who not long ago defended his doctoral thesis at IRSN's Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory (LDRI), received the Best Poster Award at the last International Conference on Radiation Shielding (ICRS) held in Paris in October 2016.


Meylan's thesis work focuses on the development of a simulation tool that models the irradiation of cell nuclei by light ions. Purpose: simulate early damage to DNA to improve understanding of the effects of ionizing radiation. The DNA representation used in the simulation is essential and particularly complex due to the huge number of DNA volumes to consider (36 billion molecular volumes) and the multiscale structure of DNA in a cell nucleus.


In the former poster, he describes a software program, DnaFabric, developed while working on his thesis to generate, modify and visualize (instantly in 3D) such representations of DNA. The poster also shows an example, created with DnaFabric, of a representation of the DNA contained in a human fibroblast nucleus. This representation was used in simulations of irradiation carried out during the thesis and which served to calculate early DNA damage.


ICRS is held every four years and was jointly organized this year by CEA, ANS, AESJ and IRSN, with the support of SFEN, in partnership with NEA. This international conference brings together specialists whose work relates to ionizing radiation (safety and functioning of reactors and accelerators, laser systems, radiation protection, medicine, etc.).