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IRSN has led a session at the 6th STS Italia Conference


Organized by the Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, the 6th STS Italia Conference has been held at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento in Italy on November 24-26, 2016. As in previous years, the Conference provided an opportunity to discuss empirical and theoretical scientific research from the social sciences angle (sociology, anthropology, philosophy, design, economics, etc.).


The Conference has been organized around 25 "tracks". Christine Fassert (IRSN) and Reiko Hasegawa (Science Po-Paris) were the convenors for the session entitled Fukushima and the "reactivation" of Nexus between Knowledge Production – Expertise – Governmental Decisions. Each nuclear accident raises questions about the links between these three areas. The session has sought to examine how the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident "has reactivated" issues raised in former civil or military nuclear catastrophes, and the role played by this "reactivation" in current debates. These issues include, for example, the dangers of ionizing radiation, controversies relating to the number of deaths or victims due to a nuclear accident, the management of contaminated territories, and health impact assessment.


The session has comprised the following four presentations:

  • Nuclear Accidents and Sociotechnical Controversies: The Rationalizing Role of Citizens Participation in La Maddalena (Italy), by Davide Orsini (Mississippi State University, History Department)
  • Glory and Failure of "SPEEDI" System: Historical Sociology of Real-time Simulation-informed Emergency Radiation Protection Scheme in Japan by Dr. Kohta Juraku (Tokyo Denki University, Japan) and Dr. Shin-etsu Sugawara (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan)
  • The Lawsuits of the Inhabitants of Fukushima: 'Solidarity in the Fear' After the Nuclear Accident, by Rina Kojima (Université Paris-Est, Laboratoire Territoire et Sociétés)
  • Fukushima and the Black Rain Class Action Lawsuit: Reactivation of the Nexus of Knowledge Production, Expertise and Government Decisions, by Masae Yuasa (Hiroshima University)