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4th Meeting of the AMORAD project's Scientific and Technical Committee



​The 4th meeting of the AMORAD project's STC took place at the Fontenay-aux-Roses site on Friday, 10 February. IRSN coordinates the AMORAD project, selected by the "Agence nationale de recherche" (ANR) during the 2012 call for research in nuclear safety and radioprotection.


Launched in November 2013, it aims to improve models for predicting radionuclide dispersion and transfer in the environment, thereby reducing the uncertainties associated to radiological risk assessments to humans and the consequences in the event of a serious nuclear accident such as those that occurred at Chernobyl and Fukushima. Halfway through the project, which will end in late 2019, discussions between the partners led them to agree on the relevance of the findings obtained in order to deliver recommendations and tools allowing the implementation of an integrated approach to support decision-making in the event of a nuclear accident, whether it impacts the marine environment directly or indirectly, via the continuum of catchment areas from the continental environment (e.g., forests and forest soils) to the ocean.


From the beginning of the project to the end of 2016, the research resulted in the publication of 18 articles in international scientific journals and the delivery of 55 papers at symposia. IRSN, together with its 12 partners, is pursuing the program by gradually validating transfer models developed and by expanding the multidimensional scientific and socio-economic expertise necessary for decision-making.