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IRSN and RIR sign a collaboration agreement as part of TERRITORIES



The IRSN and the Research Institute of Radiology (RIR) signed a collaboration agreement in Fontenay-aux-Roses on March 23, 2017  as part of the European project TERRITORIES launched in late January.


The cooperation agreement between the RIR (Gomel, Belarus) and the IRSN will allow the two institutes to jointly develop a research project, TERRITORIES, which aims at studying exposure situations in the long term. This project will also assess the importance of involving stakeholders in protecting the public from radiation. TERRITORIES must lay the groundwork for the development of a method to reduce uncertainty during decision-making processes evaluating doses to wildlife and human populations after a nuclear accident or at former mining sites.


The IRSN and RIR will cooperate on assessing the importance of time and space variations in food contamination in a Belarusian village. They will also evaluate the effectiveness of local stakeholders’ involvement in decreasing the population’s exposure. The TERRITORIES project will rely on the research to draw up the recommendations for a graduated approach to measuring doses, adopting a level of realism appropriate to the issues involved in describing exposure scenarios. The data can also be used as entry data for other research programs on chronic low-dose contamination in post-accident situations.