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Second transnational CONCERT call for proposals


In March 2017, the European CONCERT consortium (European Joint Program for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research) has launched its second call for proposals in the field of radiation protection in Europe.


There are three goals: to support transnational research projects that combine innovative approaches in the field of radiation protection; to integrate expertise and technical (E&T) activities as well as cooperation with universities on multidisciplinary research projects; and to make optimal use of existing research infrastructures.


Proposals on two main themes, each including three sub-themes, may be submitted online until May, 2 :

  • Understanding human health effects from ionising radiation and improving dosimetry
  • Radioecology, emergency and social sciences and humanities.


Launched in 2015 after the first call for projects at the 8th European radiation protection program EURATOM, CONCERT aims to sustainably integrate national and European research projects into a joint European radiation protection program. the consortium is an umbrella structure for four European radiation protection platforms: MELODI (low doses), The Alliance (radioecology), NERIS (emergency situation management) and EURADOS (dosimetry). The IRSN is one of the organizations the French authorities designated to head the project for France. The others are the National Research Agency (ANR) and the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).



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