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Two more awards for Nadia Benabdallah - IRPA congress 2018


On June 8, 2018, Nadia Benabdallah won the Young Professional Award and the Young Professional public Award for her PhD thesis conducted at IRSN’s internal dose assessment laboratory (LEDI), during the European IRPA (International Radiation Protection Association) Congress held at The Hague in the Netherlands.


Nadia Benabdallah has received the awards © IRSN


The former PhD student from the IRSN won both the jury prize and the public prize for the presentation of her thesis “Optimization of dosimetry in alphatherapy by a multi-scale approach: application to the treatment of bone metastases with Ra-223”, which she defended on December 21, 2017, at IRSN in Fontenay-aux-Roses (in the Paris region). For three years, Nadia Benabdallah studied the various aspects of internal dosimetry applied to the first alpha-emitting radiopharmaceutical licensed in the European Union for the treatment of patients with bone metastases. This research work offers tools to go further in dosimetry personalization  for new alpha-emitting radiopharmaceuticals, currently on the rise.

These are the 5th and 6th prizes awarded for her work conducted in IRSN’s internal dose assessment laboratory (LEDI). Nadia Benabdallah had already won four awards for her thesis work:

  • the award for the best poster from the SFRP (“French Society for Radioprotection”) during the first year of her doctorate in 2015,
  • the Travel Award for Young Researchers at the Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) conference in Japan in 2017,
  • the First Place for Henri Jammet Prize at the SFRP’s National Congress in 2017,
  • and, on May 28, the PHENIICS Doctoral School award.

It was the Henri Jammet Prize that allowed her to participate in the IRPA congress. Indeed, the Young Professional Awards of the IRPA congress are available to young radiation protection professionals put forward by national radiation protection societies, notably through the prizes awarded at national congresses.