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ECCOREV Research Federation Project Launch


The ECCOREV Research Federation project, based on the "Continental ecosystems and environmental risks" theme was launched on 25 September 2007 at the close of the closing seminar organised by the IFR112 Federal Research Institute - Mediterranean Environmental Science Centre.

In the process of receiving CNRS quality certification, ECCOREV federates 35 research laboratories in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA) region from its universities and research institutes, including IRSN. The aim of this new structure is to conduct interdisciplinary programmes on the environment involving human and social sciences as well as the so-called "hard" sciences and natural sciences. It will encourage innovative projects focusing primarily on resolving risk-related problems by considering all their aspects - scientific, technological, legal, economic and social. The federation's wide basis will prove advantageous in exchanges with its institutional and/or financial partners, whilst they will have a single contact for resolving complex problems.


ECCOREV is structured around four focal points of scientific interrogation, closely related to social and economic approaches targeting the Mediterranean area in particular: 

  • Morphogenesis, natural risks and climate variability,
  • Vulnerability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems,
  • Ecodynamics and environmental toxicology,
  • Ecotechnologies and sustainable development (energy, waste, etc.)


The ECCOREV federation will thus pursue the work undertaken by IFR 112 in 2002. Created by the French Ministry of Research and recognized by CNRS, this institute has coordinated the activity of seventeen regional research laboratories from the universities of Aix-Marseille, Avignon and Corsica, as well as four national research organisations (CNRS, INRA, CEA and CEMAGREF).


The IFR stakeholder teams concentrated on environmental and sustainable development problems in the PACA region, in particular: 

  • Ecology, biodiversity and forests,
  • Sustainable management of soils, water and the atmosphere, 
  • Ecotoxicology and human health, 
  • Technological developments in water treatment and waste recycling, 
  • Metrological and analytical developments.


The closing seminar of IFR112 summed up six years of interdisciplinary research work, innovative projects, the setting up of new, shared facilities with the support of regional, national and European institutional partners. These encouraging results has increased the teams' determination to continue working together while opening the field to new partners, especially in the human and social sciences, within the ECCOREV project.

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