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First publication in the IRSN's HDR collection



The Authorization to Direct Research (HDR), which has replaced the State doctorate, is the most advanced degree granted in the sciences by French universities. For Institute researchers who often jointly train PhD students with their colleagues in higher education, this habilitation both recognizes the quality of research work and validates a scientific project. The prestige which this certification confers reflects on the entire Institute. 

The dissertations written to obtain this diploma are compilations that give an accessible and overall picture of scientific results obtained after several years of research. They are collections of knowledge of real value. Through the breadth of their scope, these dissertations will interest not only Institute personnel, but also a wide scientific audience. Publication is intended to make them as widely available as possible. Written by Sébastien Savoye, Contribution of Tracers to the Understanding of Transport Processes in Indurated Argillaceous Formations is the first title in a collection of works which will be very useful to university and industry researchers, as well as experts and students. These books are available on this website.

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