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ICRP publication 103 now available in French



The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) regularly publishes general recommendations that make up one of the main international reference documents in the field of radiation protection. The latest edition, Publication 103, was published at the end of 2007 (ICRP 103), replacing Publication 60 (ICRP 60), which appeared in 1991. The new recommendations were adopted at the end of an open process lasting nine years. Meetings, seminars, conferences and web consultations took place throughout discussions with professionals.

The IRSN played an active part in preparing these recommendations as part of the above process and through its ICRP member experts, in particular Annie Sugier, the only French member of the Main Commission. One of the IRSN's tasks is to keep French and French-speaking stakeholders informed of the activities of international organisations. It was with this in mind that the Institute took on the considerable task of translating ICRP 103, under the supervision of Dr Jean-Claude Nénot, former member of the Main Commission of the ICRP and with the assistance of Jean Brenot, Dominique Laurier, Alain Rannou and Dominique Thierry.


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