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TRASSE GNR: call for proposals 2009


The TRASSE GNR (National Research Grouping) is launching its call for proposals 2009. The deadline for submitting project proposals is Friday 29 May 2009 at 18h00 (6 p.m.)
The purpose of the TRASSE GNR, which federates teams from the CNRS and the IRSN, is to study the mechanisms and kinetics of the transfer of natural and artificial elements from soils and sub-soils to ecosystems.

Composition of the files


The projects submitted in response to this call for proposals must not exceed 10 pages in length and must contain the following information:


  • Title, project supervisor and contact information.
  • CNRS and IRSN teams and researchers involved
  • Duration (1, 2 or 3 years).
  • State of the art
  • Scientific goals.
  • Description of the tasks.
  • Schedule.
  • Requested budget
    - per type of line item: consumables, small equipment, missions…
    - per year
    - per CNRS and IRSN team Teams and researchers involved.
  • Recent A+ publications by the researchers proposing the project.
  • Any collaborations.
  • Deliverable handover dates: final report and intermediate annual report(s) for any project spanning 2 or 3 years.



Reminder: the funding of research by the TRASSE GNR concerns the financing of the working capital, small equipment items, missions, and exceptionally medium-sized equipment (or equipment adaptations). In this latter case, the medium-sized equipment requested must be cofinanced and be absolutely necessary for the project. The financing of temporary or permanent personnel is not part of the GNR's remit.




Responses to this call for proposal must be addressed to the Director of the TRASSE GNR either by e-mail (,
or by postal mail:
Université de Nîmes / Site GIS
Parc Scientifique Georges Besse
150 rue Georges Besse
30035 Nîmes cedex 1

and received no later than Wednesday 20 May 2009 at 18h00 (6 p.m.).


Choice of subjects


The scientific council (CS) and the grouping council (CG) of the GNR will meet at the IRSN head office at the end of May and early June 2009 respectively. The scientific and financial aspects of the proposed research projects will be assessed by the scientific council after hearing the applicants. After classification by the CS and approval by the CG, the chosen projects will become research actions. In June 2009 a letter will be sent to each project proposer to inform them of the decision.

The notifications of credits for the new research actions in 2009 will be sent to the teams concerned by 1 July 2009 at the latest.

For the 2008 actions that are continuing in 2009, the credit notifications will be given in April. The final report closing each research action must include at least one submitted A+ publication (i.e. in a review with an international audience and a good impact factor).