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Description of research topics : "Near-surface disposal and polluted sites"


* Conduct expert surveys relating to the management of mine tailings and near-surface disposal sites at the request of the public authorities. These surveys focus on the radiological characterization of the sites concerned and on assessing their impact on the surrounding environment and populations.

* Conduct research to learn more about phenomena causing the dispersal of radionuclides in the environment (deterioration of concrete, interaction between leaching water and host rock, changing retention capacity of media, etc.).

* Develop models to assess radionuclide transfer to the environment, determine their impact on the environment and on human health, and implement experimental protocols and measurement means both in the laboratory and in the field.

The CHERNOBYL experimental platform

The Chernobyl experimental platform covers an area of 4 hectares located near the hastily dug trenches used for burying earth and debris contaminated by the accident. The platform includes the equipment required for research into radionuclide migration to the soil and plant life.

Main topics

* Continuing the "Chernobyl pilot site" program; developing a simple method for assessing strontium-90 activity in soil.

* Participating in the Nogent-sur-Marne and Gif-sur-Yvette radiological surveys of "polluted sites".

* Participating in the "waste disposal" sub-project as part of the Franco-German Initiative for Chernobyl.

* Studying the behavior of iodide ions upon contact with various solid phases.

* Conducting a general study of water flow and radionuclide transportation in non-water-saturated environments, using an existing qualified code (VAM2D).

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