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Research programmes

Scientific Committee for the ENVIRHOM project

ENVIRHOM was allocated a Scientific Committee which met before the programme launch in December 2001 and subsequently every two years, in 2003 and November 2005.

Committee members include both specialists in the various fields playing a part in ENVIRHOM as well as people involved in expert assessments and regulations

> Scientific Committee composition

The Committe's mission is to monitor the quality of research carried out under the project. It plays no part in the major project options nor in its management.

The Committee bases its work on:
works published within the project framework,
a summary document produced at each meeting
and a series of review articles as a preliminary to each meeting.

Every meeting ends with a presentation of the Committee’s recommendations.

Scientific Committee reviews

The first Committee concluded in particular that the major project choices were valid:
. Working on chronic exposures,
. Giving priority to internal contaminations and the food path,
. Seeking concrete effects (i.e. altering health, behaviour or performances) on the organisms studied.

The second Committee meeting held on 17 November 2003 confirmed the good scientific quality of the results from the first band of research. In addition to comments on specific aspects of the programme, it should be noted that the Committee was pushing for an increase in related networks as well as established links with the current ICRP discussions (reference bodies). The Committee composition was a clear indication that the project was not just of good scientific quality but also that it could well become a cornerstone for changes in radiological protection.

The third Committee met on 22 and 23 November 2005 in Vaux de Cernay.


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