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DOsimetric Surveillance Laboratory (LSDOS)

The Dosimetric Surveillance Laboratory (LSDOS) is located in the Paris region on the Le Vésinet site (78). The laboratory is managed by Simon Tourard.

The LSDOS is in charge of monitoring 164,732 workers in 17,000 companies, i.e. close to 1.5million personal dosimeters supplied and used.




The LSDOS mission is to:

  • Perform passive dosimetry services within the framework of regulatory surveillance of workers exposed to ionizing radiation


  • Perform dosimetric measurements for the IRSN Medical Radiation protection Assessment Unit


  • Study the techniques likely to replace the photographic dosimeter, for their production in the medium term


  • Carry out inter-comparisons:
    1. Regulations with approved international laboratories (EURADOS, AIEA etc) (obligation scheduled by the regulations in force
    2. At an international level (EURADOS, AIEA etc)


  • Advise occupational physicians and skilled radiation protection personnel on the regulatory dosimetric follow-up of exposed workers


  • Participate in enquiries on regulatory limit overshoots and result anomalies.



Main equipment

For photographic dosimeters, the LSDOS has semi-automatic processing systems. A bar code system allocated to each dosimeter enables follow up throughout the processing steps: automatic chemical development, automatic self-read and manual read enabling the degree of photographic film shading to be measured.

For all trace detector dosimeters (concerning surveillance of neutron doses), the LSDOS has a laboratory at the Vésinet unit, dedicated to the different chemical processing steps. It is associated with two automatic readers for determination of the dose received.

For thermo-luminescent dosimeters, the LSDOS has in its Fontenay-aux-Roses unit, two HARSHAW 8800 automatic readers and three manual dosimeter readers (LTM and FIMEL).

For environmental thermo-luminescent dosimetry, a specific PANASONIC automatic reader is used on the Fontenay-aux-Roses site.

All the dosimeters are conditioned by automatons, which process more than 2 million dosimeters per year.

Each unit has computer facilities associated with calculation software to determine the doses received. A central computer system processes the dosimetric data.

New RPL dosimeter (french page)

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Prototype de dosimètre RPL (radio photo luminescent)  Crédits : André Lejarre/Le bar Floréal/IRSN


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DOsimetric Surveillance Laboratory - Vésinet Unit
31 rue de l’écluse
78 116 Le Vésinet cédex


DOsimetric Surveillance Laboratory - Fontenay-aux-Roses Unit
BP 63
92265 Fontenay-aux-Roses Cedex


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