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Research units

Internal Dose Assessment Laboratory (LEDI)


The Internal Dose Assessment Laboratory (LEDI) is located at Fontenay-aux-Roses, in the Paris region and at Le Vésinet. It is managed by David Broggio. The laboratory regularly welcomes foreign and French post-doctorate students (DUT, Licence, DESS, DEA) for durations ranging from 4 months to 1 year.




Context and research themes


The main research theme of the Internal Dose Assessment Laboratory is "Biological dosimetry and indicators".



Research axes

  • Develop new techniques for measurement of personal internal contamination, in particular including refining of anthroporadiametric techniques improving detection of radio-contaminants in the fields of low energy and anthropomorphic digital phantom reconstruction using images obtained by scanner or nuclear magnetic resonance scanner;


  • Perform modelling studies for calculation of radio-contaminant incorporation and engaged dose (development of calculation codes dedicated to internal dosimetry, development of calculation tools using micro-dosimetry concepts);


  • As a consequence of the IRSN missions quoted in various ministerial orders and decrees, play a technical and scientific support role during the preparation of IRSN advice, for example for the accreditation of French anthroporadiametry analysis laboratories;


  • Within the current radiation protection context, extend its field of competence to surveillance in the medical environment (professionals and patients) and to that of the population.



Research team


David Broggio, head of laboratory
Éric Blanchardon, research engineer
Raphaël Bô, technician
Cécile Challeton de Vathaire, engineer
Estelle Davesne, research engineer
Aurélie Desbrée, research engineer
Nora Hocine, research engineer
Tiffany Beaumont, PhD student (2015-2018)
Manon Jacquemin, PhD student (2016-2019)



Facilities and techniques


  • Four shielded anthroporadiametry chambers equipped with GeHP and NaI(tl) measurement systems
  • Six shielded gamma spectrometry cells
  • Computer tools dedicated to dose calculations
  • 2 assessment and intervention vehicles comprising a mobile anthroporadiametry laboratory (MAL).



Partnership and research networks


The internal dose assessment laboratory works in partnership with industry (COGEMA, EDF, CANBERRA), and universities (Paris VII, Paris XI) and collaborates with numerous international institutes within the framework of bilateral agreements (Russia, China, Germany) and research contracts jointly financed by the European Union.

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Mise en place des deux detecteurs du système de mesure anthroporadiamétrique  Crédits : Olivier Seignette/Mikaël Lafontan/IRSN


David Broggio, head of laboratory



Internal Dose Assessment Laboratory (LEDI)
BP 17
92262 Fontenay-aux-Roses Cedex

By Phone: +33 (0)1 58 35 82 51


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