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Research units

Radiochemistry, Speciation and Imaging Laboratory (LRSI)


The Radiochemistry, Speciation and Imaging Laboratory (LRSI) is located at Fontenay-aux-Roses, in the Paris region. Managed by Céline Bouvier-Capély, the laboratory regularly welcomes university students, PhD students and post-doctorates.




Context and research themes


The LRSI's research themes are:

  • internal contamination treatment,
  • radiochemistry,
  • SIMS technique.



Research axes

The LRSI's main mission is to:

  • Improve (in terms of sensitivity and response time) the radio toxicological analysis methods of actinides in the biological environment, in order to optimize monitoring of workers in the nuclear industry exposed to an internal contamination risk by alpha emitters;
  • Study, using “ Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry” (SIMS), the elementary distribution profiles on the tissue and cell scale in organs after internal contamination, for better understanding of the radionuclide fixation mechanisms and health consequences. This work will contribute to refine the existing dose calculation models;  
  • As a consequence of the IRSN missions quoted in various ministerial orders and decrees, contribute to the advice that the IRSN gives, for example, for accreditation of French Medical Biology Analysis Laboratories (LABM);
  • Within the current radiation protection context, extend its field of competence to surveillance in the medical environment (professionals and patients) and to that of the population.





Research team 


Céline Bouvier-Capély, head of laboratory

Valérie Holler, researcher

Géraldine Landon, engineer

Alexandre Legrand, technician

Annabelle Manoury, technician

Guillaume Phan, research engineer

David Suhard, technician



Facilities and techniques


  • Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS)
  • Mass spectrometer coupled with induced plasma (ICP-MS)
  • Alpha spectrometry measurement systems
  • Beta counters



Partnership and research networks


The LRSI works in collaboration with universities (Lyon I, Paris School of Chemistry), the Xavier Bichat medical faculty, the Chatenay-Malabry pharmacy faculty and nuclear medicine services (CHI Le Raincy – Montfermeil, Saint-Antoine Hospital, Beaujon APHP Hospital). It collaborates with numerous international institutes within the framework of research contracts jointly financed by the European Union. The LRSI also participates in production of AFNOR and ISO standards in the field of internal dosimetry

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Reportage : Faibles doses : étude de la distribution des isotopes de l'uranium à l'échelle cellulaire Légende : Préparation sous hotte d'un échantillon avant son inclusion dans la résine pour analyse au microscope  Crédits : Noak/Le bar Floréal/IRSN


Céline Bouvier-Capély, head of laboratory



Radiochemistry, Speciation and Imaging Laboratory (LRSI)

BP 17
92262 Fontenay-aux-Roses cedex


By Phone : +33 (0)1 58 35 90 53



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