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Research units

In Pile Experimental Research Laboratory (L2EP)

​Last update on December 2015

​The L2EP is part of SEREX, the Studies and Experimental Research Department. It is located in Cadarache, in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of France.

Background and fields of research

The mission of the L2EP is to conduct experimental research on the behavior of nuclear combustible materials in accidental situations.

These experiments are conducted in the CABRI research reactor dedicated to studying power excursion accidents, in particular Reactivity Initiated Accidents (RIA) or loss of coolant accidents (LOCA), and which is operated by the AEC (Atomic energy commission).

The L2EP oversees performance of the tests. It carries out the measurements required for understanding the phenomena studied, as well as the non-destructive tests on the combustible material tested. For this purpose it operates X-ray radiography and Y-spectrometry equipments as well as a hodoscope to track movement of the combustible material during the tests.

Research team

Jérôme Guillot, laboratory manager

Bruno Biard, engineer

Vincent Chevalier, engineer

Bernard De Roland, engineer

Claude Gaillard, engineer

Léna Lebreton, researcher

Christelle Manenc, engineer

Salvatore Mirotta, engineer

Nathalie Monchalin, technician

Equipment and techniques

  • Hodoscope: equipment comprising neutron detectors, allowing on-line assessment of the damage to a fuel rod at injection of reactivity.
  • Gamma spectroscopy for quantifying fission products and radio-elements present and generated in the fuel rod at injection of reactivity.
  • Linear electron accelerator to produce a high-energy X beam to conduct X-ray exams of the fuel rods.
  • X-ray Radiography and Tomography to observe the combustible material before and after reactivity injection.
  • Use of Monte Carlo calculations for neutron evaluations.

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In Pile Experimental Research Laboratory (L2EP)

BP 3

13115 Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance Cedex


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