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Research units

Units for special analyses and studies for safety assessments

The SAMS is responsible for conducting specialised analyses required for safety assessments in construction and operation of mechanical and electrical equipment...
The SESPRI is responsible for conducting analyses and specialised safety studies for system design, the development and use of probabilistic safety assessments and the protection of facilities against hazards. This department therefore...
The mission of the SAGR is to conduct assessment studies on accident situations that could affect the water reactors and result in a meltdown of the reactor core. This department therefore...
The ST3C is responsible for conducting analyses and specialised safety assessments on the control, core and fuel assembly behaviour and thermal-hydraulics behaviour of pressurised water reactors under normal operation and in accident situations. This department therefore...
The SEFH is responsible for conducting safety analyses of all the human activities contributing to the safety of civil and secret installations under normal operation and....
Scope of activities of the department is fire and explosion risks assessment, fire and explosion studies and numerical simulation and containment analysis safety analysis for non nuclear facilities
The unit is devoted to studies, research and assessment work on radioactive containment and airborne contamination transfers in nuclear facilities and neighboring areas under normal and accident conditions.
This department is mainly responsible for computer code development and research on criticality risk control (risk of triggering an uncontrolled chain reaction) for fuel cycle facilities and transport.

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Evaluation des sytèmes programmés ©Olivier Seignette/Mikaël Lafontan/IRSN


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