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Enhancing Nuclear Safety


Research units

Containment, Purification and Ventilation Experimental Research Laboratory (LECEV)


This laboratory is located in the CEA center in Saclay. It is directed by Alain Brunisso.






Research axes


Main activities of the Lecev laboratory:

  • research on fluid mechanics applied to transfers in air, ventilation and filtration,
  • application of research results for the development and qualification of tools to ensure and evaluate airborne contamination containment in fuel cycle facilities,
  • participation in studies and research devoted to ensuring containment in case of fire, and participation in the development of corresponding computation tools,
  • services for operators, engineering firms and various industrial groups in nuclear and non-nuclear sectors (particularly odor nuisance).



Specialties and researchers


Alain Brunisso, head of laboratory
Mathieu Barrault, analysis technician
Soleiman Bourrous, researcher
Florent Dany, technician
Caroline Jeanjacques, technician
Dominique Lucius, responsable d'atelier
Benoit Marcillaud, analysis technician
Victor Mocho, engineer
Céline Monsanglant-Louvet, research engineer
Amandine Nuboer, technician
Mélanie Osmond, engineer
Anthony Rondeau, research engineer (interim)
Anne-Laure Teppe, technician

Facilities and techniques


Computer codes

FLAMME_S/SIMEVENT, CFX (multi-D), IDTS (systems approach to ventilation), internal filtering modules, dispersion codes. 


Experimental resources


  • Gas tracing (He, SF6), particulate tracing (uranine, DOP, NaCl), LASER anemometry, air metrology and olfactometry.
  • Filtration test benches: Vega (50 m3/h), Chergui (1,000 m3/h), Mistral (5,000 m3/h), SIMOUN (4,000 m3/h-400°C).
  • Ventilation test benches: Experimental fume chamber and glove box, ventilation system model
  • Test benches for Feux program: calorimeter (suspension), Banco (plugging), Starmania (20,000 m3/h NTP, 400°C, 800 mbar)
  • Test benches for behavior of personal protective equipment (Cofrac-certified activity since October 2001).

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Appareillage pour les mesures laser, une nouvelle technique : la réfractométrie arc-en-ciel. ©Olivier Seignette/Mikaël Lafontan/IRSN


Alain Brunisso, head of laboratory


Containment, Purification and Ventilation Experimental Research Laboratory
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex


By phone: +33 (0)1 69 08 37 77 


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