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Research units

Research and Modeling Laboratory for Airborne Dispersion and Containment (LEMAC)


The Research and Modeling Laboratory for Airborne Dispersion and Containment (LEMAC) is located at the CEA/Saclay site. It is directed by Jérôme Richard.




  • Background and areas of research
  • Research priorities
  • Research team
  • Equipment and methods
  • Partnerships and research networks



Background and areas of research


The Research and Modeling Laboratory for Airborne Dispersion and Containment (LEMAC) conducts research, studies and assessment services relating to the characterization of gaseous and particulate species transfer at facilities, under normal and accidental operating conditions. It is also responsible for IRSN's Technical Center for Nuclear Equipment Certification (CTHEN).



Research priorities


  • conducts experimental research and modeling and digital simulation studies in the field of Fluid Mechanics as applied to ventilation and airborne transfer;
  • carries out studies on containment and airborne dispersion in support of assessment teams;
  • procures and/or specifies, and contributes to the development and approval of computational tools required for this research in its areas of expertise;
  • is involved in defining and developing experimental programs needed to approve such computational tools;
  • examines manufacturers' requests for safety equipment certification (including filters and fire dampers) and for CE certification of Personal Protective Equipment based on recognized standards, which it also helps define (for more details: CTHEN)
  • The LEMAC also provides certain services in the fields in which it specializes.


Delphine Costa, doctoral student (2018-2021)

Thomas Gélain, researcher specializing in Radioactive Material Dispersion/Containment

Maud Guilleman, lead researcher specializing in Radioactive Material Dispersion/Containment

Quentin Lalu, Engineering Apprentice (2018-2021)

Nicolas Le Roux, lead researcher specializing in Radioactive Material Dispersion/Containment

Nadia Liatimi, analysis technician

Jeanne Malet, researcher specializing in Fluid Mechanics

Corinne Prévost, Assistant Head of Laboratory

Marko Radosavljevic, Engineering Apprentice (2019-2022)

Jérôme Richard, Head of Laboratory

Zeinab Rida, doctoral student (2018-2021)


  • CALIST experimental facility

The CALIST experimental facility was designed for characterizing the size and velocity of droplets from one or more spray nozzles and studying air entrainment by the sprays.
  • CARDAMOME/CARDAMOMETTE containment facilities 

These containment facilities are used to obtain experimental data at different scales on gas dispersion in ventilated rooms to validate CFD codes.

  •  DIESE test loop
This test loop is designed for studying particle transfer within a full-scale ventilation system and assessing all the issues relating to deposition.

  •  The MASSALE containment facility
This facility can house airlocks from dismantling sites with a view to studying airborne containment criteria for these kinds of airlocks under nominal and accidental conditions.
  • Mobile air measurement devices (anemometers, pressure sensors, gas and particle tracer methods);
  • Two Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurement benches (for instant characterization of velocity fields);
  • Experiments and numerical modeling to characterize room ventilation;
  • Modeling ventilation systems using SYLVIA computational code;
  • CFX numerical simulation of water flow using CFD codes (ANSYS CFX and FLUENT, PR²MICS).

Partnerships and research networks

The LEMAC works closely with many industry and university partners, including ORANO, EDF, CEA, CSTB, INRS, La Rochelle Université, Université Paris Est, IMFT, etc.

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Jérôme Richard, head of laboratory



Research and Modeling Laboratory for Airborne Dispersion and Containment

91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex


By phone: +33 (0)1 69 08 31 80

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