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Opinion of 27 March 2006 on the Institute's work on fallout from Chernobyl in France

IRSN's Scientific Council confirms the validity of the Institute's work on fallout from Chernobyl in France

Based on the scientific assessment carried out by an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Scientific Council including experts from abroad, the opinion issued on 27 March confirms the validity of the scientific approach used by the Institute to tackle this issue and the overall coherence of the models used, including in relation to the approaches taken by other countries affected by contamination from the Chernobyl accident. The Council believes that the poverty (in number, nature and sometimes quality) of available ground measurements, and the complexity and variability of the phenomena involved, no longer allow the reconstitution of radioactive contamination depositions that occurred in 1986 to be improved beyond what has already been achieved. Although the radioactive fallout maps published by IRSN show the orders of magnitude and variations of fallout across France as a whole, they cannot be assumed to have any accurate explanatory value at smaller geographical scales. The Scientific Council recommends improving the statistical performance of interpretation models for the future and making further improvements to monitoring networks across France.


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