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Eccorev's human and material resources

Eccorev's material resources

Multi-disciplinary environmental research requires a lot of data, taken over a wide range of time and space, which is costly to acquire and store. Hence Eccorev encourages team work on common sites to produce the greatest possible range of complementary data. This involves joint database management, and thus an appropriate technical management structure, including development of the databases and their use as joint property. A preferred method of environmental research will be human-environment observatories or systems of observation that combine physical-chemical-biological observations with socioeconomic aspects and allow for long-term follow-up. This will make it possible, in particular, to study ecosystems that have been disrupted by a change in anthropic pressure (the opening or shutting of industrial or tourist sites, for example). Eccorev is already supported by shared platforms in the framework of the IFR 112 (Mediterranean Centre for Environmental Sciences). The administrative regions also play an increasingly important role in allocating experimental and human research resources, particularly for projects, which are sometimes finalised European level projects.



Eccorev’s human resources


The Eccorev research federation project coordinates the scientific and technological collaboration of 36 regional research laboratories in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur (Paca) region.
The project is riding on the crest of the dynamism associated with IFR 112 for the last five years. This first federation has already created a rapprochement between fifteen research units working in materials science, earth science and life sciences. These laboratories are well respected regionally, nationally and internationally.

Institutes specialising in the area of human and social sciences have joined this original network, their expertise in economics, law and environmental sociology supplementing the research carried out by the federation:

  • the 4 universities P. Cézanne, Méditerranée, Provence and Toulon with their Geosciences, Ecology, Chemistry, Economics, Law, Microbiology, Human and Social Sciences Laboratories.
  • CEA (Atomic Energy Commissariat)
  • INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research)
  • Ineris (National Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks)
  • IRSN (LRE, LME, LERCM, Berssin: 57 researchers) see the page "IRSN participation in Eccorev
  • IRD (Institute of Research for Development)
  • Cemagref (Research Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering).


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