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IRSN contribution to Eurados

IRSN is actively involved in Eurados activities and, in particular, has been Member of the Council since the network was set up (N. Parmentier, G. Portal, A. Rannou, currently T. Bolognese). IRSN was in charge of Eurados Chairmanship from 2000 to 2004 (P. Pihet).

IRSN contribution to the Eurados annual meeting

Since year 2000, EURADOS annual meetings (AM) have been lead by the IRSN and the PTB which have gradually increased their involvement, to include statutory General Assemblies and Council meetings as well as:

  • A yearly scientific seminar (since 2001)
  • A yearly winter school (since 2007)
  • Occasionally a joint workshop (2004, 2008).

In this way, the annual meeting has become a key event for the network, providing a regular occasion for in-depth discussion of scientific information with dosimetry experts and external stakeholders. IRSN (External dosimetry department) is organising the forthcoming AM2008 in Paris.

IRSN contributions to thematic working groups and dissemination

Thematic working groups are generally set assignments by the Council, which periodically monitors their achievements. In the past, IRSN has been actively involved in several working groups including the following, in particular:

  • the WG “Basic physical data and characterisation of gas ionising devices” (P. Pihet, Chairman)
  • the WG “Criticality accident dosimetry” (R. Médioni, Chairman)
  • the WG “Numerical dosimetry” and related Quados action (J.L. Chartier, subgroup convenor)
  • the WG “Harmonisation of individual monitoring in Europe and information on new techniques in this field” (T. Bolognese, subgroup convenor).


The last two groups belong to generic tasks carried out within Eurados and therefore these working groups continue their activities under regular review by the Council. Furthermore, IRSN (J.F. Bottolier-Depois) is currently chairing the working group on “Aircraft crew dosimetry”, another example of a generic task pursued by Eurados since 1994.
Since 1996, IRSN has coordinated the “European Research in Radiological Sciences” Newsletter jointly published by Eurados and ERRS (European Radiation Research Society). The Newsletter is published on the Internet (  and an electronic version is sent out twice a year (P. Pihet, Executive editor)

Thematic network action “Radiation Dosimetry network” in 2000-2004

During the period 2000-2004, IRSN coordinated the Thematic network action “Radiation Dosimetry network” carried out within the European Commission 5th Framework Programme (Euratom - Ref. FIR1-CT-2000-20104). Among the main achievements, readers of the final report attached below will find internet development, comprehensive reports and coordination actions, including intercomparison, inventories and conference sponsoring, in key areas of ionising radiation dosimetry, such as harmonisation of radiation protection dosimetry practices, environmental radiation monitoring, air craft crew dosimetry, neutron spectrometry and dosimetry, and, in cooperation with separate projects, computational dosimetry and internal dosimetry.

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