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European Radioecology Alliance: The Alliance

European Radioecology Alliance: An international network whose goal is to integrate the research programmes of partners involved in radioecology, more specifically in the field of the assessment of the impact of radioactive substances on humans and the environment.


In mid-2009, through the signature of a “memorandum of understanding”, eight European organisations created the European Radioecology Alliance. The intention of the partners is, in the long term, to integrate all of their research programmes in the field of the assessment of the impact of radioactive substances on humans and the environment. It also involves maintaining and improving experimental skills and infrastructures within Europe.


The creation of the Alliance is the consequence of the findings made during the Futurae project (future for radioecology in Europe), within the scope of the 6th Euratom framework programme, which mapped out the state of radioecological research in Europe between 2007 and 2009.


FUTURAE highlighted significant cuts in funding, a lack of strategic coordination between R&D programmes in the field, a dislocation of research teams and a strong tendency towards the non-replacement of expert human resources, leading to the possible closure of technical facilities and resources.


Financed in part by the European Commission, the Strategy for Allied Radioecology (STAR) network of excellence is the first concrete manifestation of the Alliance. Launched in 2011, the aim of STAR is to set out a first version of the strategic researchagenda, the purpose of which is to define and prioritise the key areas of research for the next 15 years.


Its objective is also to put in place the technical and organisational infrastructures necessary for pooling research programmes. Little by little, the Alliance replaces STAR.

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Eight European organisations involved in radioecology

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