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Computer codes

The EDEN computer code (Elementary Dose Evaluation for Natural environment)


EDEN (Elementary Dose Evaluation for Natural environment) allows the calculation of energy doses delivered to several kinds of organisms living in ecosystems, these doses being dependent on the radionuclide and on the exposure scenario. Any radionuclide can be considered, both for internal and external exposure pathways. Each medium is described by its chemical composition and its geometry. The organisms are described as ellipsoids, characterised by their three axes, and the physical media as layers (3 at max). This tool offers a rapid and user-friendly alternative to the heavy calculation codes dedicated to the physical transport of particles. During an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), it is used to convert the radionuclide concentrations (expressed in Bq per volume or mass unit) into doses or dose rates delivered to the target organisms (expressed in Gy or Gy per unit of time).

Associated communications

BEAUGELIN-SEILLER K, JASSERAND F, GARNIER-LAPLACE J, GARIEL JC (2004). E.D.E.N.: a software to calculate the dose rate of energy for the non-human biota due to the presence of radionuclides in the environment. Tenth International Conference Envirosoft, Envirosoft 2004, Ancona (Italy) 2-4 juin 2004.

BEAUGELIN-SEILLER K, GARNIER-LAPLACE J, GARIEL JC, JASSERAND F (2004). E.D.E.N.: a tool for the estimation of dose coefficient equivalents for non-human biota. Congrès ECORAD 2004, Aix en Provence 6-9 septembre 2004.

BEAUGELIN-SEILLER K, FIEVET B, GARNIER-LAPLACE J (2004). Theoretical dose reconstruction along life-cycle for plaices (Pleuronectes platessa) living in the Northern Cotentin waters after 1966. International Conference on Isotopes in Environmental Studies – Aquatic Forum 2004, 25 –29 October 2004, Monaco.

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