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HDR viva

Role of Nuclear Data in Response to Practical Applications

​Luiz Leal has defended his HDR on 13th July 2016


Mr Réza Ansari, President

Mr Gerald Rimpault, Reporter

Mr Philippe Dessagne, Reporter

Mrs Elsa Merle-Lucotte, Reporter

Mr Frank Gunsing, Examiner

Mr Laurent Tassan-Got, Examiner


Student supervision is a complex and challenging subject that requires not only supervisor skills in the scientific field of supervision but also a conscientious understanding of the student capability to conduct research. It is a commitment that demands a consonance between student and supervisor for completion of a successful work.

The notion whether a positive accomplishment for a supervised work has been achieved is in general measured during the progress of the dissertation culminating with a defense in the presence of a selected examination committee. As a result, the student-supervisor relationship, friendship through the work development will dictate the final outcome that both are responsible for. Student supervision is a rewarding experience for both student and supervisor.

As part of the requirement to obtain the “Habilitation `a Diriger des Recherches” (HDR), the present document was written in order to provide indication that the author is capable of conducting research as well as supervising students. It includes some selected topics that have been used for students’ developments and in addition, it also contains a report of contributions made to the nuclear data field and the impact of the research in areas such as nuclear reactor physics, criticality safety and others. The activities depicted are the result of several years of work at United States (US) national laboratories as well as lectures presented at universities in the US and around the world.

The present document is not intended to replicate topics that are already described in text books or published in the open literature, which are often described in great detail. It is intended to provide a general overview and highlight relevant information in support of the author’s request for an accreditation to supervise and conduct research.

The first part of this document provides a synopsis of the author’s activities over the years, including research developments and student supervision. Following, an overview on the role of nuclear data and its importance in practical applications is given, including a complete example that is provided in accompanying published paper listed in appendices. A detailed development of a theoretical approach for the treatment of temperature on cross sections is presented. A description of an evaluation with direct impact in practical application is presented. Lastly, a short listing of material taught at universities in the US is given.

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