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Thesis proposals

Experimental study and modeling of the effects of prestressed concrete on the development of internal reactions of swelling


Themes: Engineering sciences: solid mechanics, materials, civil engineering 

Thesis location: LMAPS - LMDC, INSA-UPS Génie Civil, Toulouse​ (31)

Start: October 2021

Skills required

The master must offer training on cementitious materials by including teaching modules on experimental characterization, modeling and numerical finite element simulations. 
The candidate should have had experience in a research project or research internship related to cementitious materials including topics related to the description of their microstructures, experimental characterization and numerical methods. 
The thesis requires to perform experimental tests on concrete specimens (mass of a few kilograms), which will have to be handled by the PhD student.

Age limit: 26 years old unless otherwise stated.

Thesis subject

Status of art on delayed behaviour and Internal swelling Reaction (ISR). - Development of the experimental campaign to obtain a development of RGI in prestressed slabs. - Manufacture of the test slabs. Several tests will therefore be carried out to identify the RGI/pre-stress coupling component : - Measurement of RGI deformations without applied external stresses - Measurement of prestressed deformations (1D and 2D) without RGI - Measurement of prestressed deformations (1D and 2D) with RGI - Analysis of experimental results. - Determination of initial stress states by numerical simulations (existing models) - Identification of the RGI/pre-stress coupling component​

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Gorges NAHAS​

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adress: BP 17, 31 avenue de la division Leclerc, 92262 Fontenay aux Roses


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