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Thesis proposals

Use of glass from smartphone touch screen for radiological accident dosimetry: identification of radiation-induced defects and reaction mechanisms by EPR spectroscopy.


Themes: Physic

Thesis location: Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory (LDRI)​ - Fontenay-aux-Roses (92)

Start: October 2021

Skills required

Master​'s Degree or engineering degree in ​materials science, experimental physic, chemistry of radicals

Little experience in ​magnetic resonance technicals would be an asset
pronounced inclination for experimentation is recommanded

Age limit: 26 years old unless otherwise stated.

Thesis subject

The thesis aims at developing new methods for the evaluation of exposure to ionizing radiation, especially in case of radiological accidents. The materials present in objects used in everyday life (cf smartphone) are likely to keep the trace of an irradiation, in particular by the formation of defects. The quantification of these radio-induced defects using paramagnetic resonance techniques makes it possible to trace the exposure dose. To quantify these defects, it is necessary to identify them beforehand. The alumino-silicate type glasses used in touch screens present complex spectra and unusual behaviours. The challenge of the thesis is to provide an exhaustive description, if possible, of the defects brought into play under irradiation and to explain the associated reaction mechanisms using experimental methods and numerical simulation. The subject has a strong experimental component (use of EPR spectroscopy, luminescence methods, ...) and therefore requires a lot of method and rigor and a good analytical capacity. The student will be responsible for carrying out the experiments. Part of the thesis also deals with spectral simulation in a Matlab type environment. ​

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