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Thesis proposals

Linkage of indoor radon exposure with late health effects at adult age, in the CONSTANCES cohort


Themes: Biology, medicine, health

Thesis location: Ionizing Radiation Epidemiology Laboratory (LEPID)​ - Fontenay-aux-Roses(92)

Start: October 2021

Skills required

Master​'s Degree in E​pi​demiology​, Public Health, Biostatistics or engineering degree
advanced knowledge in management database
Fluency in English and knowledge epidemiology of ionizing radiation and/or National Health Data System would be an asset

Age limit: 26 years old unless otherwise stated.

Thesis subject

To date, the risk of lung cancer associated with radon exposure in adulthood is well characterized. However, with the exception of this firmly established relationship, a lack of knowledge persists regarding the health effects of radon. The objective of the thesis will be to provide new knowledge, in particular on the risk associated with indoor radon exposure during childhood and the potential link with pathologies other than lung cancer, in the CONSTANCES cohort. The dose-response relationship will be characterized and the influence of potential confounding or interaction factors will be evaluated (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, overweight...). The three lines of research will be developped as follows: study of the relationship between indoor radon exposure (especially during childhood, but not only) and 1) the risk of cancer, 2) the risk of cardio-pulmonary disease, and 3) the risk of neurodegenerative disease. This thesis project is rooted in task 4.2 of the European project RadoNorm (2020–2025, Euratom - Grant Agreement n ° 900009) on the risks associated with radon other than lung cancer.

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Involved IRSN laboratory

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Enora CLERO​

IRSN/PSE-SANTE/SESANE/LEPID, BP 17 - 92262 Fontenay-aux-Roses Cedex


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