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Deposit and leaching of radionuclides by precipitation. Episodic experimental approach and modeling

Lauréline BOURCIER,doctorate of University Blaise Pascal, 290 p., defended on the 22th january 2009

Document type > *Mémoire/HDR/Thesis

Keywords > sphingosine-1-phosphate, leakage, ionic microscopy, Burn-up credit, chronic exposure, unit outage


Authors > BOURCIER Laureline

Publication Date > 22/01/2009


Aerosol particles play a key role both on air quality and on the radiative balance of the Earth. Their sources, as well as their deposition are key stages in their life cycle. This work is a contribution in a better knowledge of the chemical composition of particles, cloud droplets and rain droplets. The specificity of our study is to couple, on three sampling sites (puy de Dôme (1465 m a.s.l.), Opme (660 m a.s.l.) and Cézeaux (400 m a.s.l.)), observations on the chemical composition and the radionuclides activity in cloud/rain/aerosol phases. We observed, in aerosol phase, ionic and carbonaceous concentrations and radionuclides activity higher in summer than in winter at the puy de Dôme, inverse of the seasonal variation observed at the Cézeaux for chemical compounds. From these observations, we offer a representative composition de each mass air type. This work is supplemented by a study of cloud and rain liquid, which allow us to study the scavenging of the pollutants by the rain. The chemical composition of the rain reveales a similar behaviour to that of the particles at the puy de Dôme, indicating that the role of activation and scavenging of particles is preponderant in the composition of the rain. This is confirmed by a study of the environmental and structural factors of the rain which do not seem to influence the washout ratio in a significant manner. Our work highlights the role of long range transport of pollutants in the composition of atmospheric liquid phase.

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Sabine Charmasson, thesis supervisor

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