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Hydrogen and dusts two-phase mixture explosion study

Jérémy Sabard has defended his thesis on 6th September 2013.

Document type > *Mémoire/HDR/Thesis

Keywords >

Research Unit > IRSN/PSN-RES/SAG

Authors > SABARD Jérémy

Publication Date > 06/09/2013


The context of the study is the safety of the ITER installation. Indeed, studies have shown that it exists a risk for two-phase mixtures of hydrogen and dust can explode and create a safety risk for the ITER installation. This aims to obtain the fundamental data which characterize the explosion of these mixtures and to evaluate the pressure loads they can generate. To do so, experiments in spherical bomb have been carried out for hydrogen - oxygen - nitrogen mixtures at two initial temperatures (303 and 343 K) and pressures (50 and 100 kPa) for different hydrogen concentrations and different N2/O2 ratios. Explosion parameters like maximum combustion pressures (PMAX), deflagration indexes (KG or KST), combustion times (tC), fundamental flame speeds (SL°) and Markstein lengths have been determined. A kinetic modelling of the flame speed, using the COSILAB software was performed based on three detailed kinetic models available in the literature and allowed the calculation of the global activation energy on the basis of the kinetic model which showed the best agreement with the experimental data. Moreover equilibrium calculations were achieved to compare PMAX to the theoretical values. For two-phase mixtures, a new introduction device was tested and set up and experiments characterizing the explosions parameters of the two-phase mixtures have been performed in the spherical bomb. They were able to stress out the fact that, under some circumstances, dust explosion can be concomitant to a hydrogen explosion.  

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Sever Accident Department (SAG)



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