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List of theses currently in progress at the IRSN, listed by research area, start year, or host laboratory. Click the subject label to view a description of the thesis.

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  • Molecular Analysis of the neurological defects induced by low dose of ionizing radiation - Elsa CANTABELLA
  • Understanding the mechanisms of the evolutionary response of populations (Caenorhabditis elegans) to ionizing radiation - Loïc QUEVAREC
  • Male and female gamete radiosensitivity as a key element of radioinduced reprotoxicity - Elizabeth DUFOURCQ SEKATCHEFF
  • Study of the reprotoxic effects and their heritability in the model fish Danio Rerio after chronic gamma irradiation - Noémie GUIRANDY
  • Modelling of radionuclides transfer along a river-sea continuum - Adrien DELAVAL
  • Aging mechanism of uranium in lacustrine sedimentary deposits: spectroscopic approaches and geochemical modeling - Pierre LEFEBVRE
  • Probabilistic fault displacement hazard: improved methodology and applications - Fiia NURMINEN
  • Development of optical fiber sensors devoted to in situ concrete pH measurement - Ayedah TARIQ
  • Development of highly selective solid phase extraction media for studying migration processes of radioactive contaminants into the environment - Marine BOUDIAS
  • Modeling by discrete element methods of long term hydromechanical behavior of vertical sealing systems - Impact of gas migration - Robert CAULK
  • A revisited hydrogen transfer model for the study of transient hydraulics-gaz in a radioactive waste disposal facility - Abdellah AMRI
  • Classification and characterization of extreme and exceptional winds - Hugues DELATTRE
  • 3D rupture dynamics on complex fault geometries to investigate surface rupture hazard and near fault ground motions - Rihab SASSI







  • Cell therapy treatment of radiation-induced cystitis in rats - Clément BROSSARD
  • Regulation of monocyte-endothelial interactions in radiotherapy - Ségolène LADAIGUE
  • Impact of tungsten particles inhalation on the central nervous system: neuroinflammatory effects and consequences on the olfactory neurogenesis in rats - Léo MACE
  • Study of doses received by aircrew of civil aviation due to terrestrial gamma flash and others electrical atmospheric phenomena - Mélody PALLU
  • Risk of cancer associated with interventional cardiology procedures during childhood in the COCCINELLE cohort - Kossi ABALO






  • Development of a calculation scheme to estimate the neutron fluence on the vessel during the operation of a pressurized water reactor - Romain VUIART
  • Study of the behavior of fasteners in civil engineer nuclear power plant - Aya RIMA
  • Étude d’un choc thermique au sein d’un fluide - Jean MULLER
  • Étude expérimentale et modélisation de l’autovaporisation en vase - Jimmy MARTIN
  • Assessment of the contribution of the isotopic exchange to the decontamination of radioactive iodine - Application to the tests of iodine traps by a non-radioactive method - Hantao LIN
  • Impact du vieillissement sur la plasticité des aciers de cuve : effet des atmosphères de Cottrell sur la nature et la mobilité des dislocations - Arnaud ALLERA
  • Analysis of aerosol particle formation from spray drying - Daniel HARDY
  • Hydrogen production by anoxic iron corrosion under gamma-irradiation - Stravoula-Isidora GIANNAKANDROPOULOU
  • Transfer and losses of particulate matter (PM) ín ventilation systems - Delphine COSTA
  • Étude du comportement au fluage des gaines de Zy-4 pré-oxydées sous sollicitations thermomécaniques représentatives d'un accident de perte de réfrigérant primaire - Ethel-Borel DJEUMEN NKWECHEN
  • Aeraulic transfer mechanisms through dismantling site openings: assessment of the aerosol aerodynamic behavior contribution to the backflow phenomenon - Zeinab RIDA
  • Development of a large eddy simulation approach for deflagration - Bassam GAMAL












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