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Thesis proposals 2018

Molecular Analysis of the Neurological defects induced by low dose of ionizing radiation

Thesis location: Radionuclide Ecotoxicology Laboratory (LECO) (Cadarache, France)

Start of the project: October 2018


Skills required


The successful candidate will have a Master degree in the field of Biology. Familiarity with developmental biology, molecular biology and neurobiology will be an asset. The thesis will be performed under the supervision of Dr Olivier ARMANT and co-directed by Christelle ADAM-GUILLERMIN at the LECO, IRSN, Cadarache, France, and Thierry CHARLIER, Univ. Rennes.


Please submit CV, application letter and support letter from 1 referee before 31 march 2018 to Olivier Armant


Thesis topic


The chronic contamination of the environment by radionuclides, either of accidental origin like in Chernobyl and Fukushima or linked to normal operating conditions of nuclear facilities, raises safety concerns in the society. This project aims at investigating the repair mechanisms of dsDNA break triggered by environmental stress using chronic exposure to low dose rate of ionizing radiation (IR) as a model genotoxic stressor. This mode of exposure constitutes a realistic scenario as ecosystems are often exposed to low concentration of genotoxic stressors for long periods of time. In addition, exposures to low dose of IR are understudied and can lead to effects like non-linear dose responses and hyper-sensitivity. This project will study how the accumulation of DNA damages induced by low dose rates of IR, can lead to cell cycle re-entry and evasion from DNA damage-induced cell death, thereby contributing to the appearance of neurological disorders. The project will include both molecular analysis of the adult neurogenic niche and behavioral studies as an integrated parameter to understand how the genotoxic stress alters cognition, using zebrafish as a model system.



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Involved IRSN laboratory


​Olivier Armant

+33 4 42 19 96 32


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