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European Validation of the Integral Code ASTEC (EVITA) - First Experience in Validation and Plant Sequence Calculations

H.-J. Allelein (1), K.Neu (1), J.P. Van Dorsselaere (2)
Nuclear Engineering and Design, February 2005, 235 (2-4), pp. 285-308


The main objective of the European Validation of the Integral Code ASTEC (EVITA) project is to distribute the severe accident integral code ASTEC to European partners in order to apply the validation strategy issued from the VASA project (4th EC FWP). Partners evaluate the code capability through validation on reference experiments and plant applications accounting for severe accident management measures, and compare results with reference codes. The basis version V0 of ASTEC (Accident Source Term Evaluation Code) - commonly developed and basically validated by GRS and IRSN - was made available in late 2000 for the EVITA partners on their individual platforms. Users' training was performed by IRSN and GRS. The code portability on different computers was checked to be correct. A "hot line" assistance was installed continuously available for EVITA code users. The actual version V1 has been released to the EVITA partners end of June 2002. It allows to simulate the front-end phase by two new modules:for reactor coolant system 2-phase simplified thermal hydraulics (5-equation approach) during both front-end and core degradation phases,for core degradation, based on structure and main models of ICARE2 (IRSN) reference mechanistic code for core degradation and on other simplified models. Next priorities are clearly identified: code consolidation in order to increase the robustness, extension of all plant applications beyond the vessel lower head failure and coupling with fission product modules, and continuous improvements of users' tools. As EVITA has very successfully made the first step into the intention to provide end-users (like utilities, vendors and licensing authorities) with a well validated European integral code for the simulation of severe accidents in NPPs, the EVITA partners strongly recommend to continue validation, benchmarking and application of ASTEC. This work will continue in Severe Accident Research Network (SARNET) in the 6th Framework Programme where ASTEC plays a key role as the reference European integral code.
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