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Assessment and Development of Molten Corium Concrete Interaction Models for the Integral Code ASTEC

Forum Eurosafe, Bruxelles (BELGIQUE), 7-8 November 2005

C.Spengler(1),H.-J. Allelein(1), M. Cranga(2), F. Duval(2), J.P. Van Dorsselaere(2).


The WEX and MEDICIS codes are currently part of the integral code ASTEC V1 for the simulation of MCCI phenomena that may evolve during a severe core melt accident in PWR nuclear power plants. WEX represents the traditional modelling approach to the MCCI phenomenology and is limited in flexibility for additional models and model options. MEDICIS has recently been developed with the objective of a more generalised, flexible MCCI code, which is capable of a tighter coupling to thermo-chemical data bases. More insights in the capabilities, limitations and differences of the current models used in these codes are obtained by a parallel use of WEX and MEDICIS for some selected experiments, e.g. BETA 5.2, MACE M3b and OECD-MCCI CCI 2. The interface temperature between melt and crust and the effective heat transfer coefficient between melt and concrete are identified here as important model parameters in recalculations of the experiments. The fixing of these model parameters is difficult since indications from experimental results are weak. The conclusion from the test CCI 2 on the homogeneous heat flux distribution remains to be confirmed in further experiments. Parametrical reactor calculations performed with MEDICIS show its capabilities for reactor applications and point out other uncertainties in MCCI modelling influencing the long term MCCI phase: the oxide/metal heat transfer in the case of a stratified pool configuration and the pool configuration evolution models.

(1) : GRS
(2) : IRSN


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