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Effect of absorption parameters on calculation of the dose coefficient: example of classification of industrial uranium compounds

V. Chazel, P. Houpert, F. Paquet, E. Ansoborlo
Radiat. Prot. Dosim. 2001, 94(3), pp 261-268

Document type > *Article de revue

Keywords > radiotoxicology, transfer model, uranium

Research Unit > LEAR_(Laboratory for applied studies on radiotoxicology)

Authors > HOUPERT Pascale, PAQUET François

Publication Date > 01/03/2001


In the Human Respiratory Tract Model described in ICRP Publication 66, time-dependent dissolution is described by three parameters: the fraction dissolved rapidly, fr, and the rapid and slow dissolution rates sr and ss. The effect of these parameters on the dose coefficient has been studied. A theoretical analysis was carried out to determine the sensitivity of the dose coefficient to variations in the values of these absorption parameters. Experimental values of the absorption parameters and the doses per unit intake (DPUI) were obtained from in vitro dissolution tests, or from in vivo experiments with rats, for five industrial uranium compounds UO2, U3O8, UO4, UF4 and a mixture of uranium oxides. These compounds were classified in terms of absorption types (F, M or S) according to ICRP. The overall result was that the factor which has the greatest influence on the dose coefficient was the slow dissolution rate ss. This was verified experimentally, with a variation of 20% to 55% for the DPUI according to the absorption type of the compound. In contrast, the rapid dissolution rate sr had little effect on the dose coefficient, excepted for Type F compounds.
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